Amy Gaeta

PhD Candidate & Poet


Amy Gaeta is a Ph.D. candidate in the Literary Studies and Visual Cultures (doctoral minor) programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She takes a feminist disability approach to contemporary applications of science and technology, mainly human-robot interactions (HRI) and digital surveillance.  Amy’s dissertation, “Drone Life: A Feminist Crip Analysis of the Human” asks how the category of the human changes amid the spread of drone technology in which passivity and interdependency are valued and accepted, a contradiction to the able-bodied individual liberal subject.

In addition to research, Amy is a practicing poet, professional editor, disability rights activist, and editor of the Unseen Zine from the Invisible Disability Project. She has published on a wide range of topics, including disability treatment processes, the ethics of algorithms, emotional labor, and higher education,  the politics of international sport,  and more. You can find her regularly on Twitter talking about all this:                                                                                         

Photo credit to David Knight



Please contact via email if you have any questions about my work and/or any suggestions you have about how I can make my website and work more accessible. I regularly update my social media and I look forward to connecting that way as well!


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